Renegades soar against Nighthawks

June 8, 2019

BALTIMORE – The Boston Renegades defeated the Baltimore Nighthawks yesterday to advance to 7-0. Wide receiver Stephanie Pascual #3 caught two of quarterback Allison Cahill’s four touchdown passes, while running back Ruth Matta #22 again topped 100 yards, scoring two rushing touchdowns.

Running back Angelica Pascual #1 rushed for her 13th touchdown of the season on the opening drive. Boston extended their lead on an exciting play that saw linebacker Allie Genereux #52 pressure Nighthawks quarterback Sherri Anderson into a desperate attempt at an shovel pass which was intercepted by defensive end Penny Fagnani #62 and returned 42 yards into the end zone.

Allison Cahill #7 connected with Finnish transfer JJ Seiles #81 who has now caught receiving touchdowns in back-to-back games.

Baltimore, down by 21 points, leaned on running back Shaysha Fitzgerald who put together several rushes for 34 yards to advance her team downfield. Wide receiver Breonna Brewer then rushed the ball in on a reverse to put the Nighthawks on the scoreboard. The ensuing extra point attempt was blocked by Hillary Crook #75. The ball was recovered by Genereux who lateraled to Satoria Bell #4 who returned it to the end zone for a rarely witnessed defensive two point conversion. Bell would later score a receiving touchdown later in the game.

The Renegades would also score a touchdown on special teams, when Shantia Creech #5 returned a kickoff 57 yards to the end zone.

The Renegades next face the D.C. Divas in at Harry Della Russo Stadium in Revere on Saturday June 15. Before our regular season finale, we will be celebrating “Boston Women’s Football Alumni Appreciation Day.” Beginning at 3:30, festivities will include a tailgating party with beer garden, games, and prizes including a raffle.

Box Score

Woodlawn High School, Baltimore, Maryland1234F
Boston Renegades301214763
Baltimore Nighthawks60000

Scoring Log

Q1BOSAngelica Pascual #1, 6-yard ruTD (Sarah Tully #11 kick)
 BOSPenny Fagnani #62, 42-yard INT retTD (PAT missed)
 BOSJJ Seiles #81, 2-yard reTD from Allison Cahill #7 (2PT conversion good, A. Cahill to Satoria Bell #4)
 BALBreonna Brewer #18, 18-yard ruTD (PAT blocked)
 BOSS. Bell, defensive 2PT conversion
 BOSShantia Creech, 57-yard kickoff reTD (S. Tully kick)
Q2BOSStephanie Pascual #3, 11-yard reTD from A. Cahill (PAT failed)
 BOSS. Bell, 2-yard reTD from A. Cahill (PAT failed)
Q3BOSStephanie Pascual #3, 33-yard reTD from A. Cahill (PAT failed)
 BOSRuth Matta #22, 32-yard ruTD (2PT conversion good, R. Matta)
Q4BOSR. Matta, 72-yard ruTD (S. Tully kick)

Game Notes

Game Day Captain: Jess Hayden #68

  • In the first quarter, defensive end Penny Fagnani #62 collected the first interception of her career and returned it 42 yards to score the first touchdown of her career.
  • Allison Cahill won her 100th regular season game as starting quarterback. Cahill reached the 100-game mark for career victories as a starting quarterback in 2016.

Previous game vs. opponent: Boston Renegades 68, Baltimore Nighthawks 0, 5/25/2019
Renegades record vs. opponent: 3-0
Previous game at site: none

Odds status (Massey) : Favorite (-40.5)
Win probability (Massey) : 100%


Total Plays4252
Total Yards450159
Passing Yards2131
Rushing Yards237158
First Downs196
3rd Downs2-4 (50%)3-13 (23%)
4th Downs0-1 (0%)0-0

Allison Cahill #7 — 15/26, 213 yds, 4 TD, 2PT. Rating 123.878

Ruth Matta #22 — 8/172, long of 72, 2 TD, 2PT
Angelica Pascual #1 — 6/63, long of 25, TD
Alison Gauvin #31 — 1/2

Sarah Tully #11 — 3/76, long of 37
Stephanie Pascual #3 — 2/44, long of 33, 2 TD
Satoria Bell #4 — 3/36, long of 22, TD, 2PT
Kathryn Tylander #15 — 2/19, long of 14
Ruth Matta #22 — 1/14
Katie Rancourt #47 — 1/12
Lauren Yung #8 — 1/11
JJ Seiles — 1/1, TD
Angelica Pascual #1 — 1/0

Allie Genereux #52 — 4 Tk, 3 Ast
Briannah Gallo #24 — 2 Tk, 11 Ast, INT
Danielle Fournier #70 — 2 Tk, 3 Ast, Sck, TFL
Kristen Sarson #67 — 1 Tk, 5 Ast, TFL
Tee Creech #5 — 1 Tk, 4 Ast, TFL, INT
Emma Finestone #20 — 1 Tk, 4 Ast
Spring Gamble #23 — 1 Tk, 3 Ast
Danielle Harrison #92 — 1 Tk, 2 Ast
Charlene Casey #36 — 8 Ast
Penny Fagnani #62 — 3 Ast, INT, TD
Tori Noda #9 — 2 Ast
Katie Rancourt #47 — 2 Ast
Christina Riggieri #89 — 2 Ast
Mocha Torres #13 — 1 Ast
Erin Diette #30 — 1 Ast

Extra Points: Sarah Tully #11 3/4
Blocked Kicks: Hillary Crook #75
Defensive 2PT Conversion: Satoria Bell #4 after lateral by Allie Genereux #52

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