Lemay, Maureen

Boston Renegades Offensive Linewoman Maureen Lemay #84
Maureen Lemay #84 of the Boston Renegades anticipates the rush during an extra-point kick attempt in a game against the D.C. Divas on 4/27/2019. ©2019 Mitzi Vélez Lorenzana

Maureen Lemay recalls “shoveling off the basketball court in the middle of winter to practice my shot” as an early indication of her passion for sports. At Nashua Senior High School, Lemay competed in track and field, volleyball, and basketball, and she was a three-time New Hampshire State Basketball Champion. At Worcester State University, Maureen was a captain of the basketball and lacrosse teams. While advancing her career as a Registered Nurse, she became an avid camper, hiker, and explorer of the great outdoors with her dog Leo.

Though Lemay is new to playing organized football, the game may very well be in her DNA: “My grandfather was drafted to play for the Chicago Bears, but he declined to raise a family. I can’t wait to say I am following the aspirations of my Pipa, as a profession woman’s football player,” she said. “Football, family, friends and of course food have always been my favorite parts about Sundays. I am looking forward to bringing my family and friends together to make Saturday the new Sunday.”


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Boston, Mass.


Nashua, N.H.




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